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Indigo Cloth emerged in South Africa after 1652 and since the 1840's shoeshoe or isishweshwe became heavily influenced by French and German missionaries. Xhosa women gradually added the Blue Print to their Red Blanket Clothing and further integrated the use of Shweshwe into traditional Xhosa weddings and culture. Shweshwe is manufactured with an acid discharge and unique printing technique on pure cotton calico. The fabric comes in various colors and a large variety of designs. There is only one producer of the original 3 Cats Shweshwe in the world, Da Gama Textiles. Da Gama Textiles is an equal opportunity employer, maintaining ethical standards of production. The company's Shweshwe ranges have the unique traditional characteristics of taste, touch and smell which are all identifiable by the authenticating 3 CATS backs tamp that confirms the products are 'THE ORIGINAL SHWESHWE'.


Shweshwe America supports South African companies who work with women who either run their own micro-businesses in a shared working space or work from one of the community project site locations. Products are made by using recycled plastics as inner lining and the authentic 100% cotton shweshwe as outer. The ladies are assisted with mentorship, small business-enabling tools and the support required for the success of their own businesses. Every bag you buy will support these women-owned businesses in South Africa.