• Can manufacture 500 masks/week

  • 100% cotton

  • Wax print outer

  • Filter middle

  • Cotton patterned lining inner

  • Hand-made

  • Assorted color mix

  • Price on large quantities (300+) negotiable

African wax print masks


African wax prints can be seen as a sister-fabric to shweshwe. It is also well-known throughout Africa for being very colorful, vibrant and culture-rich. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the world has had a spike in demand for masks. Our hand-made masks are not only fashionable accessories that keep us safe, but also provide hundreds of men and women, who are not as privileged, with jobs that allow them to support their families. Furthermore it also supports small-businesses in the US who of course are the backbone of the economy.

As availability of the textile changes constantly it is very difficult to guarantee a specific print or color. Orders will consist of an assorted color mix.

Since we are importing the masks from South Africa, it creates a logistical problem to order in very small or single quantities. Please contact us if you, your company or anyone you know might be interested and help us make a difference around the world by supporting small-businesses in South Africa and the US.